Villa Eglantine
Villa Eglantine

The Promenade or Randonnée

5 minutes from Villa Eglantine, north of the village of Heliopolis and on an area of one third of the civil part of the Levant island you will find the Voluntary Nature Reserve Arbousiers.


At the top it culminates at 130 meters, a great place for beautiful walks. You choose according to your taste, more or less sportly.


Villa Eglantine provides against a moderate amount of rent "Nordic sticks" for those preferring to walk through the many roads of this beautiful nature reserve in "Nordic walking".


A "nature trail" marked in the middle of wooded and hilly scrubland, embalmed by Mediterranean species of plants, takes you from the top of the reserve to the rocky coast.


The flora and fauna of the coast will amaze you with many rare species.

Enjoy exciting views and landscapes, amongst the most beautiful of the Iles d’Or forming the Archipelago of Hyères.

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