Villa Eglantine
Villa Eglantine



You come to the island for one day only,

you want to maximize the enjoyment of your stay on the island without necessarily staying over.


You want to spend some time on the beach, the “flat stones”, to do some walking (naturist or not), to exercise Nordic walking, to do the marine pathway, 

Villa Eglantine offers you studios following a day room formula, a formula of hiring adapted to your needs at the price of €50, excluded cleaning cost.


By this way you may maximize the enjoyment of your day on the island, and meanwhile have the disposal of a comfortable studio for relaxing, or do some cooking if you would like to do so, either in your equipped studio, or in the outside kitchen in the Mediterranean gardens of Villa Eglantine.


In those gardens you may also enjoy the heated swimming pool, Turkish bath, long seats, and relaxation cussions, as well as amuse yourself on the mini-golf course specially conceived for a ludic exercise and concentration.


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